Heal the Pineal (E-book)

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Heal the Pineal – Detox with Hung Song

Pages: 257
Format: E-book (PDF-file and static not zoomable Epub-file)
Language: English
Publication: Gilalai
Publication year: 2020
ISBN 978-87-970528-6-0

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Heal the Pineal – Detox with Hung Song by Githa Ben-David

In ‘Heal the Pineal – Detox with Hung Song’ Githa Ben-David shares how you can decalcify your Pineal gland with your own voice.

Recommended by Bruce Lipton in his newsletter July 2020, author, Professor in biology, epigenetics

Most people’s Pineal gland is calcified with fluoride, chlorine, calcium and aluminum deposits, a condition which weakens the immune system.

Balance your hormonal system, optimize your body’s natural immune and detox system, obtain perfect sleep, minimize menopause symptoms, get rid of chronic allergy, joint pains and much more. The method is based on Githa’s personal experience with The Note from Heaven/’Aaar’- song and Hung Song – a groundbreaking new, free medicine.

When stimulated with vibration, the Pineal gland secretes the sleep, rejuvenation and super antioxidant melatonin, causing people to get deeply relaxed.

‘Heal the Pineal’ is a scientific, electrical, chemical, historical and spiritual investigation of the Pineal gland leading Githa Ben-David to Nikola Tesla, Professor Gerald Pollack, geologist Rex Newnham, scientist Stephanie Seneff, Professor Bruce Lipton, ancient Philosophers, Jesus, Moses and to a vast number of other scientists, Medical doctors, spiritual teachers and therapists.

‘Heal the Pineal’ includes exercises, links to demonstration films and free webinars.

Githa Ben-David is educated at the Danish Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen. She has studied classical Indian singing with Mangala Tiwari in Varanasi and is a recognized pioneer in Vocal Sound Therapy. singer, composer, author and leader of ‘International Education/online Education in The Note from Heaven’. Owner of Gilalai Publishing.