Help (E-book)

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Pages: 304
Format: E-book (PDF-file and static not zoomable Epub-file)
Sprog: English
Forlag: Gilalai
Publication year: 2018 (in Danish) in English 2023
ISBN 978-87-973083-2-5

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A personal story about chronic heavy metal poisoning and how to overcome it

For seven years Githa Ben-David tries to be healed from unexplainable symptoms which show up to be chronic led -and copper poisoning. Today after detoxification she is completely healthy.

In “Help” she passes on her experience based in both conventional and holistic methods.

Githa wonders why the diagnosis “chronic heavy metal poisoning” is non existing in the Danish Heath Service, even WHO already in 2008 proclaimed that at least 25 percentages of al illness is due to environmental toxification.

Could the reason for the rapid increase of autoimmune illnesses inclusive ADHD, allergy, Autism, depression, EHS, obese, learning problems, OCD, be that we close our eyes for the fact, that when poisoning Earth, we also poison ourselves?

“From my own experience I know that “chronic” heavy metal poisoning exists and that it can be cured. Githa Ben-David has written a well documented and very important book about the subject.

Michala Petri (famous, classical recorder player)