Hung Song Stimulation of the Dai Mai Meridian – webinar 8

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Webinar VIII: Hung Song Activation of The Dai Mai Meridian


Theory and Hung Song Stimulation of the Dai Mai Meridian, also named “The Belt Vessel”, which is the only horizontal meridian in the body. It divides the body in two around the waist, and is also compared to a bucket, where unbearable traumas are stored, so that they will not fx. overwhelm the heart/vital organs and cause a life threatening condition. The ailments connected are all problems in the middle Jiao, meaning stomach and genital area including obesity. When Dai Mai is overloaded/the bucket runs full it can flood. When that happens we cannot control what is coming up and we get ill. In this webinar you get  tools to drain the “Dai Mai -bucket” gently for traumas, so that serious illness can be avoided. This is an Edited live-webinar performed Sunday the 2nd  of June 2024.

Hung Song is an expression of inner undertones, which, like the cat´s purr and or the bees humming can stimulate any part of your body. This means that the sound can resonate with and activate the meridians, the electrical wires of the body, too. Githa Ben-David has been experimenting with herself and also activates meridians while sound scanning clients. The method has shown to have a profound balancing and healing effect on the human organism. You can treat yourself with this method.

Film I Introduction & Dai Mai Song © Githa Ben-David 3:08

Film II The Functions of Dai Mai 18:20

Film III The Master & Partner Points 6:22 

Film IV The Two Dai Mai Pathways 13:03 

Film V Ailments treated by the Dai Mai Vessels 2:06 

Film VI The Eight Master Points 5:59 

Film VII The Acupuncture Points of Dai Mai 4:12 

Film VIII Hung Song Activation of the Dai Mai Vessels 7:54 



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