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IV. Hung song Meditation on The Lung Meridian

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The Lung Meridian

Webinar IV the 21’st of November 2021 – edited and made by Githa Ben-David.

Hung Song is an expression of inner undertones, which, like the cats purr/bees humming can stimulate any part of your body. This means that the sound can vibrate and activate the meridians, the electrical wires of the body too. Githa Ben-David has been experimenting with herself and also activated meridians while sound scanning clients. The method has shown to have a profound balancing and healing effect on the organism. You can easily heal yourself with this method. Githa Ben-David will present a new meridian every month from Aug 2021 – July 2022. The live webinars are for free, but the edited webinars each costs 100 Dkk/ 13 €/ 16 $ to access (whenever you want it). In October 16 th -23’rd there will be a week course in Sound Healing with Meridians – in Molino Del Rey, South of Spain. In order to participate you must have seen all the meridian webinars or have worked with meridians in acupuncture and or shiatsu/reflexology.