Sound healing Webinar 4 (of 8)

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Sound Healing Webinar 5 Febr.2024 8-9 PM

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Yin Wei 5.2: Link to the past – The inner resources -Selfaccept

Monday the 5th Febr. 2024  8-9 PM (Cest) Vocal sound stimulation of theYin Wei vessel and a general sound healing of what is needed in the audience (communication through the chat ten minutes before start).
The Yin Wei is number 4 of 8 extraordinary vessels with focus on psycho-emotional pain and the physical unbalances this may cause. This evening there is special focus in how to balance pathologies in the unfolding of the resources we carry from our past. How do we tranform traumas so that we can free stuck yin energy in the body. How do we avoid being victims of the past? Aging – some of us try to stay in the past instead of embracing the presence and the future  because we are the most beautiful as the one ww truly are.
The 8 extraordinary meridians are presented by Githa Ben-David, one by one in live webinars on Sundays followed up by Sound Healing Webinars  on Mondays once a month from Nov.2023 -June 2024, where more personal issues are treated.  Monday Webinars with Sound healing costs 180 Dkk (including 25% Vat). From 2024 you need to be member of Vocal Sound Healing Organization (200 Dkk yearly) to see the last 6 free Sunday webinars where the theory behind the 8 extra ordinary vessels is explained. Members  VSHO get the links the webinars send after registration.

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