VIII Hung Song Meditation on the Pericardium Meridian

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Pericardium Meridian (PC) Webinar, Palm Sunday, the 15th of April 2022  by Githa Ben-David.

The Pericardium meridian has a few names: The Heart Governor, Heart Ambassador, The Circulation Meridian… The Pericardium means in Latin: Heart Sack, which in itself is an inner meridian linked to the Hand-Meridian and Conception Meridian (another inner meridian following the frontline of the spine). In this webinar a Hung Song activation of the Pericardium heart sack is included. This meditation has a profound effect in psycho-emotional based illness. Hung Song is an expression of inner undertones, which, like the cat´s purr and or the bee’s hum can stimulate any part of your body through the meridians and the fluid filled interstitium.

Githa Ben-David’s work is based on The Note from Heaven, described in “The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing” which is published in English in 2022 (or “The Note from Heaven” which is sold out or in “Tonen fra himlen”-in Danish). The method has a profound balancing and healing effect on the human organism and can be used as self-treatment. In these webinars Githa Ben-David presents a new meridian every month from Aug 2021 – July 2022. The live webinars are for free for all followers of Githa Ben-David & Lars Muhl’s newsletters.

Free Film, Pericardium: Short clips concerning the Pericardium, the Heart Governor 2:00

Pericardiuim I: Song For the Heart Governor 2:44

Pericardiuim:  II: Introduction to the Heart Governor and its relationship to the San Jiao 15:14

Pericardiuim: III: Hung Song Meditation in the Pericardium, the Heart Sack 9:25

Pericardiuim:  IV: Mapping the Pericardium Meridian 17:58

Pericardiuim:  V:  Hung Song Activation of the Pericardium Hand Meridian. In the end: Pericardium, San Jiao, The Gallbladder, Liver, Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach and Spleen Meridians 16:48