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Vocal Sound Healing IV (on-line) the 15th of November 8-9 PM, Autumn 2021 (Cest)

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Vocal Sound Healing IV with Githa Ben-David:

In the autumn, Githa Ben-David does On-line sound healing, where the life force is strengthened through prayer / affirmation, surrendering to The Note from Heaven (we open our self to receive energy), followed by sound healing of the whole group . The general aim is to strengthen the listeners immune system and the body’s natural detoxification system. These Vocal Sound Healing Evenings are on Mondays, every 14 days at 8-9 PM (Cest). Dates: 4th of oct., 18th of Oct., 1st of Nov, 15th of Nov. and 29th of Nov.

Fifteen minutes before start the chat will be open and you can suggest certain ailments for treatment (keep it very short). After the webinar the chat will also be open for 15 minutes, where you can write wishes for the next webinar and eventually people with urgent need for intensive sound healing can make arrangements with some of the present Vocal Sound Healers.

From practical experience all disease conditions can be affected even over the phone, and it has been an eye opener, that on-line sound healing / scanning can actually live up to vocal sound treatment in intensity and effect, even when sending to the other side of the Earth.

When you have paid for this webinar you will receive a private link for Vocal Sound Healing On-line IV in your order confirmation. You don’t have to login to this online page to get there. Just click the link 15 minutes before start.