X Hung Song Activation of The Bladder Meridian

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The Bladder Meridian (Bl) was recorded as a live webinar the 6th of June 2022 edited and produced by Githa Ben-David.

Hung Song is an expression of inner undertones, which, like the cat´s purr and or the bees humming, can stimulate any part of your body. This means that the sound can activate the meridians, the electrical wires of our energy system. The method has shown to have a profound balancing and healing/self-healing effect on the human organism.

The Bladder Meridian has, together with its Yin partner the Kidney, the deepest impact in the organism, as they are linked to our essence: The DNA and the forgotten traumas that is kept in the spine, shoulder blades, sacrum and talebone. As the Bladder meridian is covering the back along the spine in two branches, including the nerves all the way down the legs to the tip of the small toe, it is essential in case of back pain and ailments connected to the nervesystem. In this webinar Githa BD is especially focusing in how to heal backproblems with the combination of Hung Song and the knowledge of the Kidney/Bladder meridians. There are spontaneous healings of pain among the audience.


Bladder I  Song- Barruch ha Maim (Bless the water) 2:12

Bladder II  General Information about the Bladder Meridian and the Back Points 19:33

Bladder III Meditation in the Sacrum 5:34

Bladder IV Mapping the Bladder Meridian 10:36

Bladder V Hung Song Activation of the Bladder Meridian 5:22

Bladder VI Hung Song Activation of 10 Meridians 23:13