XI Hung Song Activation of the Small Intestine Meridian

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XI Hung Song Activation of the Small Intestine Meridian was recorded as a live webinar the 3rd of July 2022, edited and produced by Githa Ben-David.

Hung Song is an expression of inner undertones, which, like the cat´s purr and or the bees humming, can stimulate any part of your body. This means that the sound can activate the meridians, the electrical wires of our energy system. The method has shown to have a profound balancing and healing/self-healing effect on the human organism.

The small intestine sorts the nutrients from waste, good from bad. It represents the concrete part of our intuition: Knowing what is the right thing to do. It helps us to integrate the one we truly are and to walk our path on Earth. This quality of The Small Intestine is the main tool in Vocal Sound Scanning, where the resonance/sound´s quality shows the sound healer, where an organism is week and needs support and also shows when an unbalance/trauma is released. We hear it. We know it by trusting the sound.

If you feel stuck in the same pattern, are needy, talking nervously, have cramps, lost your confidence,  stagnation in life – activating the small intestine meridian with Hung Song could possibly be helpful to you.

Small Intestine I: The song ”Guts” by Githa Ben-David 2:07

Small Intestine II: Introduction to the Small Intestine Meridian (SI) 19:07

Small Intestine III: Mapping of The Small Intestine Meridian 20:13

Small Intestine IV: Hung Song Activation of the Small Intestine, Bladder. Kidney, Pericardium, San Jiao, Gall Bladder, Liver, Lung, Large Intestine, Stomach & Spleen Meridians  27:26