XII Hung Song Activation of the Heart Meridian

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Heart Meridian (Ht) Webinar the 15th of August 2022 by Githa Ben-David.

The Heart meridian is the emperor of the body and soul. The three chest to hand meridians (yin) plus the three hand to head meridians (yang) are all linked to the art of opening and purifying ones heart. Traumas, Ancestorial traumas and in general freight is filling up our heart with shadows. By purifying our heart meridian for traumas and freight we can reconnect to our true path in life. There are though shortcuts to enter the pure heart and experience your inner essence even when you face a challenging situation.

This Webinar includes Hung Song activation of the Heart meridian and all the 12 basic meridians. Hung Song is an expression of inner undertones, which, like the cat´s purr and or the bee’s hum, can stimulate any part of your body through the meridians and the fluid filled interstitium. The expression of the undertones of “Hung Song” has a profound meditative and healing effect on the organism in as well humans as animals.

Githa Ben-David’s work is based on The Note from Heaven, described in “The Ultimate Book on Vocal Sound Healing” published in “O-Books” in 2022 (or “The Note from Heaven” which is sold out/ “Tonen fra himlen”-in Danish). The method can be used as self-treatment as well as in therapy. In these webinars Githa Ben-David presents a new meridian every month from Aug 2021 – July 2022.

Heart Meridian I: “Heart Song” (by Githa Ben-David) 2:09

Heart Meridian II: The Heart and its Relation to The Fire- & Water Meridians 19:40

Heart Meridian III: Mapping the Heart Meridian 12:15

Heart Meridian IV: Hung Song Activation of the 12 Basic Meridians 33:02